Technology - BPM Supreme - July 20, 2020
Watch Now: How to Use Hot Cues in Serato DJ Pro

Are you using Hot Cues to the fullest inside of Serato DJ Pro? Hot Cues and cue points can be used in several ways to help improve the flow of your DJ set and add creativity. By acting as a marker inside of a track, Hot Cues allow you to easily jump to a certain part, such as the drop or chorus.

In the video above, our good friend DJ Hapa, a.k.a. “The DJ Coach,” shows us his Hot Cue strategies and essentials. Watch now to learn how to create your own color-coding system with cue points, use the quantize function, set loops, and more so you can effortlessly jump around a track.

Leave a comment below and let us know how you make Hot Cues work for you! For more helpful videos like this one, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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