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This Month’s Artist Spotlight: Singer, Songwriter YEИDRY

Dominican-Italian singer and songwriter YEИDRY grew up listening to ’90s pop and R&B, traditional Latin music, and electronic music. Her sound takes inspiration from different cultures and mixes in Latin vibes. 

“It’s good to make ourselves unavailable in order to take care of us and celebrate life,” said YEИDRY.

Her new Dominican dembow-inspired single “KI-KI” was recently released via Sony Music Latin / RCA Records. A mix of styles, cultures, and languages, the track reflects her very essence and is a reminder not to take things too seriously. The term “ki ki” is an abbreviation of “Juaniquiqui,” Dominican slang for money. 

“The song is about how being independent and making money requires hard work, so most of the time we’re not free to just enjoy life, our families and friends,” YEИDRY adds.

Download “KI-KI” now and stay tuned for more from YEИDRY coming soon.

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