Producer Experience - BPM Supreme - March 14, 2022
This Month’s Artist Spotlight on BPM Create: Toy Selectah

Each month, we spotlight a different artist on BPM Supreme and BPM Create. For March, we are featuring a very talented DJ, producer, and musician, Toy Selectah. Starting his career in the late ’90s as a member of the Monterrey, Mexico-based rap group Control Machete, Toy Selectah is considered a pioneer of Latin urban music with a style that blends genres from Mexican cumbia to hip hop and electronic music.

“My journey in music and sound started in front of the stereo when I discovered the equalizer,” he said.

Toy Selectah has collaborated with artists, such as M.I.A., Cypress Hill, Thievery Corporation, Café Tacuba, Manu Chao, and Celso Piña.

“Working at a record store from a young age and running into two turntables and a mixer…it allowed me to travel the whole world, and take Mexican hip hop to all those places,” he continued.

Today, you can find Toy Selectah in his studio working on music with other producers across multiple genres. He uses BPM Create as a tool for finding top quality sounds to fit each project.

“Dive into it, make 500 beats, because the day you arrive to a place with 500 beats, people are going to take their hats off to you,” he said.

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