Producer Experience - BPM Supreme - February 5, 2022
This Month’s Artist Spotlight on BPM Create: Loojan

We spotlight a different artist on BPM Supreme and BPM Create each month. Producer, DJ, and composer, Loojan, is our February feature and has worked alongside artists like Brray, Toy Selectah, Fat Nick, and Joyce Santana. His musical style reflects influences from his hometown of Mexico City and combines electronic music with Latin sounds like moombahton, reggaeton, perreo, baile funk, and cumbia. 

“Us Latinos live music in a different way because we have it in our flesh, in our blood,” Loojan said.

Loojan has performed at major festivals in Mexico, such as EDC, Coca-Cola Flow Fest, and Bahidorá Festival. But it’s in the studio where he lets his creativity run free.

“If it doesn’t make you move from the jump, then you’re not doing it right. If it makes you move, then it’s right,” Loojan said. 

As a producer, Loojan taps into the sample library on BPM Create to find new inspiration.

“I find sounds on BPM Create, I drag them into Ableton, and I start to destroy them to the point that they sound how I want them to sound,” Loojan continues. 

Watch below to hear more from Loojan.

Click below to find an exclusive sample pack with Loojan’s favorite sounds on BPM Create. This artist-curated pack features hand-selected flutes, trumpets, drum loops, kicks, snares, and more, perfect for creating Latin-influenced productions such as reggaeton, moombahton, afro soul, and Latin pop. 

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