Music Production - BPM Supreme - January 15, 2022
This Month’s Artist Spotlight on BPM Create: Bruses

Each month, we spotlight a different DJ, producer, or artist on BPM Supreme and BPM Create. To kick off 2022, we invited Tijuana-based producer Bruses to share her story.

“I started making music as a way of therapy,” said Bruses. “The fact that people are connecting with such real situations of my life feels incredible.”

Born in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico, Bruses is a producer, composer, and singer. Her sound has been called a “new alternative pop,” with a mixture of pop, electronic, and rock styles combined with deep, poetic, and raw lyrics.

“Usually, I start with a concept, an idea, a word. I dive in and look for sounds that go with that vibe,” she said.

Bruses has worked alongside artists like Arroba Nat and Daniel Bautista, as well as producers like Toy Selectah and Victoria Khüne.

“The moment you find the sound that most identifies with you, everything changes. That’s the moment you’ll be able to make your best songs,” Bruses said.

Watch below to hear more from this talented artist, and how BPM Create has helped her stay creative from home.

“I’m grateful that it’s so easy to make music from your room. All you need is your laptop and a platform like BPM Create.”

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