DJ Experience - BPM Supreme Contributor - September 12, 2019
The Importance of a Great DJ Name

The number of DJs in the world today has probably reached somewhere in the millions. DJing is a profession a lot of people are looking to get into, including even some big-name celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Shaq. But becoming a successful DJ requires a lot of learning, practicing, marketing, and the list goes on.

An often overlooked piece of becoming a successful DJ is having a great DJ name. Yes, I said having a great name can make you successful! If you don’t believe me, ask DJ Picks Nose. (Oh wait, there isn’t a successful DJ with that name.) While having a good DJ name may not take you straight to the top, it definitely plays an important role in your overall success. A bad DJ name could result in your name becoming a joke, plus you could lose fans, endorsement deals, and just slow your career growth in general.

When it comes to choosing your DJ name, you have to remember that many people will see it or hear it before they even have a chance to hear you spin. We live in a very ‘judge a book by its cover’ society, so if you have a name like ‘DJ Picks Nose,’ the crowd or even the people you are reaching out to for a booking may not think so highly of you. A DJ named something clever like Tony Touch or DJ Enuff will probably have a better chance off the bat than poor old DJ Picks Nose.

Another important and helpful tactic is to pick a DJ name that allows you to get creative with your marketing. For example, the successful DJ duo Deep Dish could easily create a partnership with Dominos or any other pizza spots that specialize in deep dish pizza. You see, the possibilities are endless and your name can set you up for opportunities that may not even be imaginable yet.

A good DJ name can:

  • Help you gain interest from prospective fans
  • Make your marketing and promotion job easier
  • Help with your SEO optimization
  • Create unique opportunities for merchandise

The advantages mentioned above can help you not only to build a solid following but also increase your net worth as a DJ. I bet you’re asking — but how do I choose a great DJ name? Let’s start with the basics:

  • Pick a name that fits with your DJ style
  • Choose something easy to say
  • Try a nickname that you’re already comfortable with
  • Write it down, stare at it, leave it alone, and then stare at it again

Once you have narrowed it down to a few strong options, be sure to do your research:

  • Check to see if the name is available as a web domain and social media handle
  • Make sure it’s not already trademarked or copyrighted
  • Choose a name that no one in the DJ industry is using

After you have followed all these steps, take your name for a test run. That means do small parties, see how it looks on flyers, and listen to how it sounds when you say it on a microphone.

Once you think you got the right name, it’s time to get to work! Never underestimate the power of a great DJ name and what it can do for you. I hope this article is a good resource for those of you who are trying to solidify your name.

How did you come up with your DJ name, or are you struggling to find the right one? Let us know in the comments below. We want to hear from you!

About Cory Giles

From the age of 4, Cory Giles was curious what it meant to be a DJ and had a strong connection to the art form through his dad, DJ Keith. Beginning with the business side of the music industry, Cory started working with giants like Def Jam, Universal Music Group, and HOT 97 in New York City. It wasn’t until 2018 that he joined Hot 97’s Summer Mix Weekend lineup and soon after enrolled into Scratch DJ Academy determined to master the craft of DJing. The next year, Cory joined Dash Radio and created his own show “The Corner” which airs weekly on the platform.

With Cory’s professionally-taught skills and early exposure to the art form, DJing came to him naturally. He’s performed everywhere from community events like AIDS Walk New York to sponsored events with companies like Verizon and Applebee’s. With a strong understanding of various genres including Top 40, R&B, EDM, throwbacks, reggae, and hip hop, never expect anything less than a quality experience when Cory Giles is on the set.

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