Gear Reviews - BPM Supreme - December 4, 2019
Software Spotlight: Serato Studio 1.4 Has Arrived

Just released, Serato Studio 1.4 adds much-anticipated audio tracks that allow users to load full songs or acapellas, plus the software is available to buy as a one-off purchase for the first time. In our latest “Software Spotlight,” BPM Supreme’s sound design expert, Mike Acosta gives us a tour of everything new in version 1.4, plus provides some quick tutorials on using the features.

The first (and our favorite) update you’ll find in Serato Studio 1.4 is the addition of audio tracks. This feature allows you to easily put a creative spin on your favorite tracks by taking a long section of audio and then applying it across multiple song arrangements. For example, you can do things like load a full acapella over a beat or extend an intro or outro to make it easier to mix with.

Perhaps the biggest news about the release of version 1.4 is that you are now able to buy Studio for a one-time price of $199 that includes free updates until Serato Studio 2.0. Serato has also reset all trials for this release, meaning anyone who has already used their Serato Studio trial can do so again for free. There’s no better time to give it a try if you haven’t yet!

All new features in Serato Studio 1.4 include:

  • Audio tracks ​- Load a full song into Serato Studio for a quick but powerful way to make DJ edits
  • Endless Slicer in Audio Track and Sample Deck​ – Endless Slicer lets you slice up the song in a single click making it easy to rearrange it how you want
  • Improved Mute/Solo Interface ​- Solo is now a dedicated button next to Mute in the sequencer
  • First Cue Point is set on downbeat ​- Serato Studio will instantly find and set a Cue Point on the first downbeat of a track

Watch the full “Software Spotlight” episode above as Mike shows us how to create a beat, as well as how to create a DJ edit with new audio tracks.

To learn more or download Serato Studio 1.4, visit Serato’s website. Be sure to subscribe to BPM Supreme’s YouTube for more videos like this one.

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