Gear Release - BPM Supreme - October 1, 2020
Roland Adds Three New Models to the Iconic TR Drum Machine Series

Roland today introduced three new instruments to the iconic TR drum machine line: two hardware and one software. The TR-6S Rhythm Performer, TR-06 Drumatix, and TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer all deliver the sound that has driven hip-hop, pop, and electronic styles since the ‘80s, but in a modern and affordable package. Keep reading for more details.

TR-6S Rhythm Performer

The TR-6S is a six-track sequencer, battery-powered instrument that gives musicians, producers, and DJs authentic recreations of legendary Roland drum machines like the 808, 909, 707, and 606. Mix and match them with preset and custom samples and futuristic FM tones to create exotic hybrid kits, or use the vast number of effects to take your tracks to the next level. Plus, the TR-6S has a high-quality USB audio/MIDI interface, perfect for mobile or minimal production setups.

TR-06 Drumatix

The TR-06 is a replica of the Roland TR-606 Drumatix from the ‘80s but has some major modern upgrades. Delivering the same distinctive tone and iconic look of the original, the TR-06 lets you control tuning, decay, and pan for each instrument, or crank up the internal gain for each circuit model and push it into warm overdrive or aggressive distortion. An onboard compressor adds fullness and punch, while the tempo delay creates depth and space.

Similar to the original, the TR-06 has a straightforward step sequencer that’s been updated with advanced features like sub-steps for ratcheted parts and step-loop for instant pattern slicing. It also has a high-quality USB audio interface and features battery operation and a built-in speaker for production on the go.

TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer

With the TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer, the underground ‘80s classic is now available as a plug-in for DAW music production. The software version has the same sound and behavior of the original, plus powerful new features that virtually modify the circuitry for more sound choices and faster, more fluid programming.

Like the TR-06 hardware, the TR-606 plug-in offers tuning, decay, and pan on each instrument and the ability to overdrive the internal circuitry. The step sequencer has been expanded with lanes for each sound, and each pattern has eight variations plus adjustable flams, sub-steps, and soft hits.

The TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer is included with the Ultimate membership level of Roland Cloud. All paid levels, including Core and Pro, start with a free 30-day trial of Ultimate.

The TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer is available now via Roland Cloud, while the TR-6S will be available for $399.99 in November and the TR-06 for $399.99 in late October. To learn more, visit Roland’s website.

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