Technology - BPM Supreme - April 14, 2020
Rekordbox 6.0 Introduces Subscription Packages and Cloud Music Management

Now is a great time to work on your music and organize your music library. Our friends at Pioneer DJ seem to feel the same. Just announced, some big changes have arrived in Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox version 6.0 and rekordbox for iOS (version 3.0), available now, including new subscription packages, as well as cloud library management that will allow you to sync your library across multiple devices.

With the release of rekordbox 6.0, Pioneer DJ is ending its previous licensing system and instead introducing a new subscription model with three package options: Free, Core, and Creative. The Free package allows for essential management of your music in a rekordbox library. For the first time, free users will have access to Export Mode, where you can prepare sets in a virtual DJing environment using Performance Mode.

With the Core package, you’ll also have access to Export Mode, as well as more advanced performance features and DVS control for low-latency scratching. The Core package is regularly $9.99 per month, but right now you can subscribe for $6.99 per month until July.

Finally, with the Creative package, you’re able to sync your rekordbox library via the cloud and access it on multiple devices. The Creative package is regularly $14.99 per month, but right now you can subscribe for $9.99 per month until July. Features of this plan include:

  • Export mode
  • Cloud Library Sync
  • Performance features
  • DVS control
  • Lyric feature
  • Video feature
  • Sequencer

Pioneer DJ is also offering a 30-day free trial on rekordbox subscription packages. Even if you’ve used a rekordbox free trial in the past, you can try out each new package and see which best fits your needs. Find out more about this free trial here.

Cloud Library Sync

The updated DJ application now enables you to sync your whole music library on multiple devices via Dropbox when you use the Creative subscription package. It’s important to note that you do need an active Dropbox user account, but you can get started with a Dropbox free plan that includes 2GB of storage.

When you log into your Pioneer DJ account on another device, all your tracks, playlists, and Hot Cues will be synchronized. You can use this feature to create backups of your library or to sync the library from your main computer at home or in your studio to your laptop or iOS device. You can also prepare playlists, tracks, and metadata, such as cue points on your iPhone.

Mobile Library Sync for iPhones

With the new update, you can also take advantage of Mobile Library Sync for use with iPhones. Even without a subscription plan, you can transfer music on your computer directly to your iPhone via the free version of rekordbox by connecting both devices to the same network. If you edit metadata such as cue points and playlists on your phone, the changes will be seamlessly synced to the library on your computer when you reconnect both devices to a single network.

Other new features of rekordbox 6.0 for Mac and Windows include Ableton Link support for syncing with various devices, 3Band waveform, Auto Relocate, and a redesigned GUI offering a daylight option for better visibility outdoors.

With all of the significant advancements made in this new update, rekordbox is a complete DJ software that will not only enhance your performances but also help you to efficiently manage your music. And since it seamlessly works with all Pioneer DJ gear, we expect to see DJs playing music wherever and whenever they’d like, once things return to normal!

Let us know your thoughts on this brand new rekordbox experience. Be sure to check out the official introduction video above and learn more details about the update on the rekordbox website.

Just a reminder, we’re all in this together! Stay strong and check out these 8 ways to come out of quarantine as a better DJ than before.


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