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Rane Uncovers New Seventy-Two Mixer at the DMC 2017 U.S. Finals

Rane truly came through when they told us they were “battle ready” just last week. As the 2017 DMC USA Finals went down on Saturday, August 5, Rane was behind the scenes and ready, awarding the first-place prize winner, DJ Perly, with what appeared to be a new two-channel battle mixer, the Seventy-Two.

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This breaking news about Rane’s new Serato DJ mixer surfaced after photos from the Championship began circulating on DMC’s Christie Zee’s Facebook page. There’s still more to learn about this mixer, as Rane hasn’t officially announced the new product, but here’s what we know so far as reported by DJ Tech Tools:

  • Designed to work seamlessly with Serato DJ based on the labeled features
  • High-resolution screen in the middle of the mixer section
  • 8 performance pads per deck with 10 modes: Pitch Play, Man Loop, Pad FX, Fader FX, Transport, Cue, Auto Loop, Roll, Sampler, and Slicer
  • “Mag Three X3” tension adjustable faders
  • Dual FX toggles that look very similar to switches on the DJM-S9/RMX-1000
  • Independent Sample
  • High/Low pass dual filters for each deck
  • Dual USB ports/soundcards
  • Two “turntable” USB inputs
  • Crossfader controls and reverse switches for each fader on the front of the mixer
  • Two mic inputs, with built-in echo effect on Mic 1

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InMusic, owners of both Rane DJ and Denon DJ (creators of Prime Series) seem to be the next big competitor for Pioneer and specifically for Pioneer’s DJM-S9 Battle Mixer. The Rane Seventy-Two layout looks very similar for the most part to the DJM-S9 and it also has two FX paddles like the DJM-S9. It’s an exciting time for the DJ industry with new options and competition flourishing.

We’re eager to hear more about the new mixer from Rane and will keep you updated as more information is released. Stay tuned and as always, share your comments below!

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