Gear Release - BPM Supreme - July 15, 2021
Pioneer DJ and Off-White Collaborate on New DDJ-1000-OW DJ Controller

Pioneer DJ just dropped the limited edition DDJ-1000-OW, an exclusive collaboration with fashion brand Off-White. This new model features a unique design using fluorescent orange and matte white asymmetrical colors. Keep reading for more.

The DDJ-1000-OW is Pioneer DJ’s first-ever fashion brand collaboration. As the founder of Off-White and one of the most important artistic directors in the fashion scene, Virgil Abloh wanted to create DJ equipment that explores the unity and harmony of music. Based on the concept of “SOUND ENGINEERING,” the DDJ-1000-OW was created through a determined artistic process.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to bring together technology and human interaction. And this time, we took it one step further with “SOUND ENGINEERING,” bringing together this medium that unites so many of us with a fashion element,” said Abloh.

Available globally in limited numbers this month, the DDJ-1000-OW offers the same high performance and portability as previous models. It inherits the layout of the CDJ-3000 and DJM-900NXS2 setup, which is widely regarded by professional DJs as the club standard for DJ gear. This 4-channel DJ controller is compatible with Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox software, as well as Virtual DJ 2021 software.

Off-White also soon plans to launch a “SOUND ENGINEERING” capsule collection of clothing in collaboration with Pioneer DJ that includes tees, hoodies, a coach jacket, and fanny packs, all adorned with a vintage treatment. Check out photos of the upcoming collection below.


“Both music and fashion, in my opinion, are these intense forces that have the unique power to bring people together while letting you make your own statement all at the same time,” said Abloh.

The DDJ-1000-OW will be available for purchase in mid-July for $1,799. To learn more, visit the official website here or watch the introduction video up top.


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