Gear Release - BPM Supreme - October 19, 2021
Numark Unveils the Mixstream Pro Standalone DJ Controller

Numark has introduced a brand new standalone DJ controller, the Mixstream Pro. With built-in WiFi, Philips Hue smart lighting control, Dropbox connectivity, and built-in speaker monitors, this full-featured piece of DJ gear also comes with a reasonable price tag. Keep reading for more.

One of the first things that DJs will notice about the Mixstream Pro is the super intuitive layout and 7” high-definition touchscreen. It has large, 6” touch-sensitive jog wheels that make scratching easy with a “Smart Scratch” feature. This unique feature ensures that the music always stays on beat after a scratch is added to the mix.

The Mixstream Pro’s layout also includes 8 dual-layer Performance Pads with 4 pad modes (Cue, Saved Loop, Auto Loop, Roll). A complete EQ and FX section delivers 4 built-in effects (Echo, Flanger, Delay, and Phaser) that can be perfectly timed to the beat when triggered with the interactive toggle switches. Filter knobs give DJs even more hands-on control over the low and high frequencies to create dramatic mixes, blends, and transitions.

As the first-ever standalone DJ controller to feature high-quality, built-in speaker monitors with a dedicated volume control knob, the Mixstream Pro produces rich, full sound, perfect for casual listening or private parties. For beginner or professional DJs, the built-in speakers are a convenient solution for practicing, live streaming, video content creation, and more.

With its built-in WiFi, the Mixstream Pro is also fully optimized for the future of DJing, meaning that DJs can access streaming content from anywhere. Additionally, this controller features 2 USB inputs and 1 SD card slot for external media drives, giving DJs versatility in music selection and curation. Operating on Engine DJ desktop software, DJs can quickly and easily export their entire music library or selected playlists to a USB drive or SD card and then access their music instantly on the Mixstream Pro.

To complete the user experience, the Mixstream Pro connects wirelessly to Philips Hue smart home lighting, making a mood-setting, beat-synchronized light show only a tap of the screen away. Color changes, on-beat auto-generated light shows, and stunning performance features like strobing and color overrides can all be accessed using the onboard Engine Lighting.

The Mixstream Pro is available now for $599.00. To learn more and see where to buy, visit Numark’s website.

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