DJ Experience - BPM Supreme - August 27, 2021
New Scratch Record by Mix Master Mike, Qbert, DJ Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Craze, & More

Mix Master Mike, legendary DJ and turntablist for Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, Metallica, and Travis Barker, has released a new track that we think scratch DJs will go crazy for. “Megaton 10” is a scratch record featuring some of the most renowned names in the game, including DJ Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, Qbert, DJ Babu, DJ Craze, Melo-D, and The Beat Junkies’ D-Styles and Shortkut.

Inspired by Marvel Studios’ 2019 superhero film, Avengers: Endgame, “Megaton 10” is a collaboration between 10 DJs with a mission “to give new life to the culture.” We caught up with Mix Master Mike to learn more about how the idea for this scratch record was born.

How did the “Megaton 10″ project first come about? 

MMM: I’ve had the idea for this project swirling in my head for more than ten years! I took it into the manifestation stage around the fall of 2019 and got all nine DJs to send me their most explosive 8-bar solos. Then I set up shop in a studio in Paris, France. It was there I was able to lock in my entire focus on creating and composing what could possibly be the greatest scratch record ever created.

The record has quite the lineup of legendary DJs. Who was the first of the crew to jump on board?

MMM: DJ Premier was the first one to hop on board. He gave me his 8 bars within a week. I knew he would be the one to ignite the initial spark of the track. He’s a hero to all of us. So it was important to me that he was the first one to make his presence be felt on the intro of the track.

You completed this project during a global pandemic! How did you make collaborating with the DJ crew work for this record?

MMM: The collaboration was done through FaceTime and file sharing. It was a glorious task bringing everybody together for this! I wanted to give these DJs the flowers they all deserve. Plus, all the proceeds are going to a great cause. (Proceeds will go to Vogel Alcove, a non-profit organization that provides services for homeless children and families in the Dallas, TX area, as well as to Project HOPE, supporting the people of Haiti.)

What was your favorite part about making this track?

MMM: The entire process of making this track was a pleasure. It really took a lot of focus locking into the universe to channel my abilities. I’m very methodical when it comes to creating records. Especially when it comes to drum programming. A song like this needed a raw drum track to ignite everyone’s inspiration. I view the song as having ten powerful gem-like infinity stones tied to different aspects of the universe created by the big bang. This is my greatest “big bang,” and I’m very grateful God granted me the will and energy to create this for everyone. Bringing the forces together to make hip hop history! Immortalized forever.

“Megaton 10″ is one song from a larger album you have in the works. When will the full album “Ready Slayer One” be released?

MMM: Coming soon! All of the songs on my album “Ready Slayer One” are complete. Plus, we already started the filming process turning all songs into holographic 360 NFT experiences with the motion graphic skills of my longtime partner Jonathan Winbush. It’ll be a new way to experience an entire album!

Will the DJs featured on “Megaton 10” appear on any other tracks on the new album?

MMM: No other collabs on the album! All I can say is “Ready Slayer One” is my sonic Picasso. No cap.


“Megaton 10” is available now on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music. Listen below and be sure to follow Mix Master Mike on Instagram and Twitter.

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