Company News - BPM Supreme - August 17, 2021
NEW! Recommended Music Playlists Just for You

Our latest update personalizes your music discovery! Every day, all BPM Supreme and BPM Latino members will find updated playlists with songs selected based on recent downloads and download habits. Playlists include: Top For You, Trending For You, Classics For You, Remixes For You, and Unique For You.

Music discovery is personal – and we are constantly aiming to evolve the BPM Supreme and BPM Latino platforms. Using AI-recommendations and new “smart filters,” this new feature creates a unique music discovery experience for DJs that isn’t available on any other DJ-dedicated music platform. 

Top For You

Discover new picks just for you across all genres influenced by your downloads.

Trending For You

Check out recommendations for popular new music based on your recent downloads.

Classics For You

Find suggestions based on your top downloaded classic tracks from the ’80s, ’90s, and more.*

Remixes For You

Browse new remixes based on your recently downloaded artists and tracks.

Unique For You 

Get recommendations and find hidden gems that we think you’ll like from multiple categories.


Log on now to BPM Supreme or BPM Latino to start browsing your recommendations and grow your DJ library with new music.

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*Classics For You available only on BPM Supreme.


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