Tips & Tricks - BPM Supreme - May 25, 2018
Mobile DJ Tips with Bunn DJ Company | Episode 3

The next episode of Mobile DJ Tips with Bunn DJ Company is here. We’ve collaborated with one of the best mobile DJs in the industry, Joe Bunn, to create this exclusive video series. In Episode 3, Joe discusses how uplighting not only adds a special touch to events, but can also earn you more money per gig.

Joe is the founder and owner of Bunn DJ Company and books over 800 weddings a year – plus another 400 private, corporate, and charity events! He DJs regularly and has been a speaker at conferences like Mobile Beat Las Vegas and DJ Times Expo.

If you missed Episodes 1 and 2 featuring cable management and choosing the right speakers and subwoofers, check them out now. Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon and visit our YouTube page for other helpful videos.

Do you have any tips to share or advice on how to get started using uplighting? Leave a comment below!

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