Music Production - BPM Supreme - October 21, 2021
Make Lo-Fi Beats & Mixes with ShaperBox 2’s New NoiseShaper Effect

The ShaperBox 2 plugin by Cableguys now features a new dynamic noise designer, the NoiseShaper. This effect gives producers the “secret sauce” for lo-fi beats and exciting mixes. With an expansive library of production-ready noise sources, you can layer sounds in just one click and use the built-in dynamic control that lets NoiseShaper react to your music. Keep reading for more.

The latest ShaperBox 2 effect puts vibe, energy, and character right at the heart of your productions. Imagine trap melodies crackling like vintage vinyl. EDM synths that fill the speakers with high-end electricity. Drums sizzling with classic console hiss. Pianos submerged in bubbling water. Cassette tape house grooves. Retro equipment hum, broken digital textures, organic field recordings. NoiseShaper does all this and more.

It’s easy to focus the noise precisely where you need it using Cableguys’ flexible modulation. Use Follow mode for rhythmically-synced sizzle or Duck mode to fill the gaps with lo-fi ambiance and off-beat grooves.

The creators of ShaperBox, Cableguys, create uniquely inspirational and flexible audio plugins used by artists like David Guetta, 808 Mafia, and Armin van Buuren. Check out David Guetta reacting to NoiseShaper in the studio below.

“This is so genius. It’s too amazing. It’s insane,” Guetta said.

Also watch a “how-to” guide for using NoiseShaper below by Cableguys’ in-house product expert Joe Rossitter.

With the ShaperBox 2 plugin, NoiseShaper is usually $60 but is currently available at the special intro price of $34. To learn more, visit the Cableguys website here.

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