Technology - BPM Supreme - November 14, 2019
Make Beats Faster with the Captain Beat Plugin by Mixed In Key

Mixed In Key has released Captain Beat, the newest development in the company’s award-winning Captain Plugins series. Built for beatmakers, this plugin allows you to quickly and intuitively make beats. Captain Beat is available for both Mac and Windows systems and supports Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, FL Studio and Cubase on Mac OS 10.10 and higher, as well as Ableton Live, FL Studio and Cubase on Windows.

With Captain Beat, you can choose from a large selection of patterns and drum kits or record your own rhythms using the computer keyboard. You can sculpt your sounds using Captain Beat’s Controls and Effects and finish by exporting the Audio or MIDI to your DAW.

New features in Captain Beat include:

  • Patterns: Hundreds of drum MIDI patterns; patterns in every genre and bpm, ranging from 67 BPM to 124 BPM
  • Drum Kits: Kits ranging in genres like trap, hip hop, house, pop, and R&B
  • Hotkeys: Record your own rhythms using your computer keyboard or MIDI controller
  • Drum Roll: A vertical stack of drums that include Kick, Snare, Closed Hat, Open Hat, Shaker, Acoustic Snare, Toms, Crash Cymbal, and more
  • Banks: Includes percussive patterns from Mixed In Key and featured artists spanning a wide range of genres
  • Basics: Allows you select rhythm and samples, program percussive lines and drag and drop your own original samples onto the Grid Editor
  • Controls: Advanced controls allow you to change the Attack, Hold, Decay and Pitch of each sample
  • Effects: Sculpt and manipulate your samples, filter the drums up or down, and apply reverb and delay to your drum patterns
  • Export: Export the Channel Audio, Channel MIDI, Master Audio or Master MIDI to MIDI or Audio tracks in your DAW

Captain Beat can be purchased individually for $79. The rest of the Captain Plugins are sold as a bundle for $79, bringing the total price for all Captain Plugins currently available to $158 total. 

Check out the intro video above or visit the Mixed In Key website to learn more. Do you think Captain Beats will be a ‘go-to’ plugin for producers? Leave a comment below. 

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