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Kid Conrad’s DJ Gig Fashion Tips

As DJs, I think we can all agree that everything we do involves self-expression in some form. The music we play, how we carry ourselves during a performance, the slang we use, and most importantly (for me personally) – what we wear!

Now, this isn’t a step-by-step guide to becoming a fashion icon, but just some friendly, easy tips to make sure you look the part in every situation.


When it comes to nightclub gigs, there are a couple of rules that we all need to abide by. First of all, no shorts or tank tops, even if you’re playing a spot where the booth isn’t the main focus of the room. It just doesn’t look right when the guests have to dress up, and you look like you’re ready for the beach.

I personally think you can’t go wrong with some stylish jeans, and if the weather calls for it, a flannel. A good jacket is always fun but make sure you can DJ with it on. And if you have to take it off, make sure what you have on underneath is still a good look.

Kid Conrad at a nightclub gig in Las Vegas.

Shoes are also crucial to consider, and this goes for any type of gig. You want to make sure to wear comfortable but stylish shoes since you’ll most likely be on your feet for a few hours minimum. And if you’re going to wear sneakers, make sure they are clean!

You always want to look sharp in a nightclub because you never know who might show up, and first impressions are everything. I always say you have to look as good as you sound!

Corporate Gigs

Corporate gigs can be fun (depending on the company), and they also usually pay well. I always try to coordinate with the brand in some way. For example, is the gig for a new seltzer company with a super sleek image? Best believe I’m going pretty dressed up! It’s hard to go wrong wearing a suit and tie. Or is it a gig for a tech company at a big conference like CES in Las Vegas? Bingo—your best bet is business casual. Ditch the backpack and bring a messenger bag.

For gigs like these, I believe it’s best to fit in, be professional, and focus on the job of playing music. Don’t worry so much about being photographed or taking pics with fans—just focus on keeping the crowd happy.

Business casual look with messenger bag.

Pool Parties

My personal favorite of all gigs–from the weather to the tunes, and just being outside and by the water. With that being said, comfort is the name of the game here. These types of gigs are naturally the easiest to dress for. I like wearing breathable materials such as mesh tanks and shorts. Sports jerseys are always fun, but make sure you wear something from a local team. Depending on what city you’re in, you could find yourself getting heckled by an unruly patron, which is not fun.

I also recommend wearing shoes, not flip-flops, since you are still there for a job. Dress it up by having a fun watch, bracelets, or other accessories you like. Gold chains are in right now, so throw one or two on for the cherry on top! Oh, and bright colors as well to offset the heat is also a plus.

Kid Conrad at a pool party gig in Las Vegas.


Wedding gigs can sometimes be tough to handle, but luckily, they are pretty easy to dress for. And as much as I would love to say a classic tux is ideal, not every wedding is a black-tie affair. For weddings that don’t call for a tux, I like to keep a clean look without “peacocking.” Remember, you aren’t there to show out—it’s all about the newlyweds.

For suits, try to have a few colors to choose from. A navy suit with brown shoes is a timeless look, but a tan one always looks great, depending on the season. You could even bust out a personal favorite of mine–the light linen suit!

If you are absolutely unsure of what to wear, do yourself a favor and ask whoever hired you for advice on the dress code. Dressing wrong for this occasion could land you in the sights of a bridezilla (or groomzilla) and nobody wants that!

Comfortable dress shoes with a timeless look.
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