Company News - BPM Supreme - April 28, 2021
Introducing New “BPM Originals,” Exclusive Songs and Club Tools for DJs

While DJs everywhere patiently await the “big return” of nightlife, festivals, and DJ gigs, the team at BPM Supreme and BPM Latino have been hard at work creating a new exclusive feature set: BPM Originals. Designed to boost your DJ set or mix, new BPM Originals include Exclusive Songs and Club Tools, both created by BPM Supreme’s team of professional in-house producers and network of leading producers from around the world.

“BPM Originals offer our members exclusive content not typically found on music websites for DJs. They’re meant to help DJs stand out from the crowd and excel in their careers. We are beyond excited to launch these new offerings and help our members return to DJing stronger than ever after a tumultuous year for the industry,” said Angel “AROCK” Castillo, Founder and CEO of BPM Supreme and BPM Latino.

Located on both the BPM Supreme and BPM Latino platforms, Exclusive Songs are original productions that are entirely royalty-free, meaning they can be used in a DJ’s mix without the risk of being removed for copyright infringement. Exclusive Songs are produced by a team of professional in-house producers and network of leading producers from around the world.

“Exclusive Songs give DJs original music to play in their mixes and DJ sets. And since these songs are created by actual DJs, you can be sure they will keep the party going. We chose an incredible lineup of the best producers in the business to create Exclusive Songs and Club Tools for BPM Originals,” continued AROCK.

The second new offering under BPM Originals is Club Tools: short tracks that include sounds, vocals, FX, and more to make mixing and transitioning from one song to another effortless. Club Tools, such as party starters, transitions, and breaks, can also help a DJ to hype up a crowd with vocals and FX. Many of the Club Tools available are powered by sounds by BPM Create, the online sample library by BPM Supreme boasting more than 450K royalty-free sounds.

“Club Tools are going to change the way DJs play music. Our members can be confident that they are using the best samples available because BPM Create’s library is made up of only high-resolution, 24-bit WAV files,” AROCK said.

BPM Originals are located under the ‘New Releases’ tab on app.bpmsupreme.com and latino.bpmsupreme.com. As of today, there are 15+ Club Tools available and 5+ Original Tracks to download, with more to be added regularly. Learn more or start a new subscription by visiting bpmsupreme.com.

Start downloading DJ-ready music and BPM Originals now.


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