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Improve Your Workflow with FL Studio’s Latest 20.1 Update

FL Studio by Image Line has released version 20.1, the latest update to their popular music production DAW. With FL Studio 20.1, users will find exciting new workflow options like linking playlist tracks to instruments and audio, improved audio recording, stepsequencer looping, and more.

FL Studio has been a long time favorite among beginner producers, but it’s also a powerful DAW that guys like Martin Garrix and the late Avicii have used to create many of their hits. The company recently added long-awaited MAC compatibility, allowing users to have one license across both PC and Mac operating systems.

New key features of version 20.1 include:

  • Playlist Track Mode – Organize projects and quicken workflow by grouping a Channel Instrument, Playlist Track, and Mixer track.
  • Time-Saving Reset – Reset your empty Playlist Tracks to default color, icons, and name.
  • Improved Audio Recording – Record to a selected Playlist Track by linking the Playlist Tracks to Mixer Tracks and their input. Plus, follow-up recordings are now added as sub-tracks and Armed Input Mixer Tracks show orange faders for easier recognition.
  • Pre/Post Effects Recording – Simply click the Input Menu icon to choose Pre/Post FX recording.
  • Stepsequencer Channel Looping – Restoring looping behavior from FL Studio 11, channels in the same Pattern that have shorter lengths will now loop to make up the difference.
  • Stepsequencer – The maximum step-count has been increased from 64 to 512.

To see a full tutorial on everything new in FL Studio 20.1, check out the promo video above. Or visit the FL Studio website to download version 20.1 now.

Are you an FL Studio user? Let us know your best workflow tips and tricks. We want to hear from you.

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