Company News - BPM Supreme - June 7, 2018
Curated Sets and New Features for Premium Members

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If you’re new to BPM Supreme, you may not know about the features available with a membership. Standard Members have access to thousands of tracks AND music videos, all available for instant download. Payments are easy and billed automatically, allowing you to set it and forget it. Plus, you can add tracks to your crate from anywhere and download all at once with our Crate Download feature.

The next level up, our Premium Membership gives users a few brand new helpful features, including Cloud Rescue, HQ Audio Streaming, and one of our personal favorites – Curated Sets.

Curated Sets are playlists handpicked by our staff of experts. They’re ready to download as is or you can easily customize as you go by selecting versions, skipping songs, and adding others.

What are some things you can do with Curated Sets?

Weekend Inspiration

It’s Thursday night and you’ve sat down at your computer to start downloading the best tunes for the weekend. Yes, you can find all of the newest tracks and best exclusives right on BPM Supreme’s front page, but one more click and you’ll find expertly selected tracks, all grouped by genres and events. Find fresh set list inspiration, new favorites, and classics all in one place.

Special Events

Curated Sets are perfect if you have a special event coming up and the host has requested a music style that’s not your typical area of expertise. Maybe it’s an old school hip hop wedding or an event where you need all clean versions (like Lit Prom below!) If you need to quickly pull together a collection of songs in a specific genre, look no further than Curated Sets.

Streaming and Listening

Listen to one of our many Curated Sets straight through using HQ Audio Streaming (also available for Premium Members). It’s just like using your favorite streaming platform, except you can download songs as you listen if you find something you love.


Other Curated Sets include ‘80s Rewind, Main Room Openers, Deep Lounge, Hip Hop Essentials, Todo Latino, and Back to the Future House.

Find these and more when you sign up to become a Premium Member. Explore all pricing options here.

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