Company News - BPM Supreme - May 27, 2021
Clean Versions of Top Latin Tracks Now Available on BPM Latino

BPM Latino is now one of the few Latin music services for DJs offering clean versions of popular tracks. With a BPM Latino Standard or Premium subscription, you can now download song versions like clean, intro clean, and quick hit clean. Each clean version of a track has been censored to remove explicit words, drug references, sexual phrases, and more to ensure family-friendly listening.

While clean track versions have always been available on BPM Supreme, this is an exciting update for our Latin music library. Clean versions of popular Latin tracks are usually hard to find, but not anymore! You’ll find clean tracks by top artists like Bad Bunny, Rosalía, J Balvin, Karol G, Nio Garcia, Myke Towers, Daddy Yankee, Anuel AA, Sech, and more, ready for corporate gigs or all-ages events.

Both BPM Supreme and BPM Latino have multiple track versions available for download, including clean, dirty, short edits, extended versions, and more. If you’re new to the subscription service, here is a quick guide to the versions available:

  • Radio Edit (Original): full length song without any editing
  • Dirty: uncensored with original use of profanity
  • Clean: censored “cleaned up” versions with profanity removed
  • Intro Dirty: a dirty version of a track with an 8-bar intro and/or 8-bar outro added
  • Intro Clean: a clean version of a track with an 8-bar intro and/or 8-bar outro added
  • Quick Hit (Short Edit): cut down edits that arrive to the chorus or hook of the song faster; ideal for quick mixing
  • Extended: full length tracks usually with 8 or 16 bars added in the beginning and/or end ideal for easy mixing
  • Acapella: songs with vocals or singing without instrumentals
  • Instrumental: songs without any vocals

Note: Extended, Short Edit/Quick Hit, and Radio Edits on BPM Supreme typically appear in songs and remixes under Dance Music.

Clean track versions will be added regularly on both BPM Latino and BPM Supreme. You can also find new BPM Originals on both music services, including Exclusive Songs and Club Tools like party starters, transitions, and breaks to boost your DJ set or mix.

Start browsing DJ-ready tracks, exclusive remixes, BPM Originals, and more for free by visiting bpmlatino.com.


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