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Can Algoriddim’s djay Pro 2 stack up against the competition?

BPM Supreme’s in-house expert, Raj Thomas, recently had the chance to check out djay Pro 2, the next generation of Algoriddim’s multiple award-winning DJ software. It has new features like artificial intelligent DJ mixing, beat-matched photos and an improved interface to make mixing with iTunes and Spotify even easier.

Keep reading to see what Raj had to say about djay Pro 2:

“Recently I was able to get my hands on Algoriddim djay Pro 2. When it comes to DJ software, there are usually two programs that come to mind for me – Serato DJ and Traktor. For a third option, Virtual DJ is a solid go-to program as well. When I had the chance to use djay Pro 2 both at home and out at gigs, I found more pros than cons, and ended up having a good time with it.

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Sound quality
The New Audio Engine pleasantly surprised me. It sounds really great! No dropouts during built-in stand alone playback, and also no problems when using my compatible DJ controller.

X-Y Effects Control
I love the ability to control the FX in an X-Y performance pad type of layout. This allows for more expression with parameters than traditional knobs – especially if you’re performing with just a computer and no controller.

Compatible Controllers
There are a vast amount of compatible controllers from all price ranges that natively work with djay Pro 2. The company seems very active in keeping up with the new hardware coming out from manufacturers.

Macbook Pro TouchBar Compatible
Very surprised to see some useful features programmed into the debatably gimmicky touchbar of the new Macbook Pro. I usually don’t use my touchbar but using it with djay Pro 2 was pretty fun.

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Images in Video Mode
The PhotoBeat feature is great to have if you are DJing with video and don’t have every video you need. Instead you can display images, such as a flyer for an upcoming event. PhotoBeat also allows you to have a nice visual slideshow with effects should you just want a theme of images playing on the screen. Great for weddings!

Beautiful Design
Have to mention the design aspect of djay Pro 2. It’s definitely ahead of the curve when comparing to competition.

No Controller Needed
This software is ready to go when you are. Whether you perform using only a laptop, or maybe you want to test mixes out without setting up all your gear, just open up the software and have fun!

Automix AI
Automatic DJ mixes based on artificial intelligence is a pretty cool feature. I think it would be great to use for dinner parties or during a wedding reception dinner to make the experience a little better than a normal pre-made playlist.

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Price Point
As I write this review, you can download djay Pro 2 for only $39.99 on the App store. Really can’t beat that!


Different Keyboard Shortcuts than Serato
There were just a few things I noticed that could use improvement on djay Pro 2. For example, when using the computer keyboard, I’m already very familiar with Serato DJ shortcut commands. I would love if djay Pro 2 has a selectable drop down in the “shortcuts” menu that allowed me to select Serato DJ or Traktor shortcuts. However, I will mention that shortcuts on djay Pro 2 are totally customizable. You can save presets and make the keyboard shortcuts your own, but it just takes some time out of your day to map those commands.

Added Costs for Extra FX
Wonderful effects designed by Sugar Bytes are available for an extra add on purchase ($9.99). Even though these effects are priced very low, it would be nice if the cost was included with the program.

Automix AI
Yes, this feature was just mentioned in the “Pros” section, but I feel the need to point out how scary it is that machines can do what humans do. Obviously I don’t think AI will be replacing DJs anytime soon, and AI cannot perform up to the level of a professional DJ, but checking out what the AI feature can do really lets you know to step your game up because the robots are coming!

Overall Grade:  A

Bottom line, djay Pro 2 is a great program! For the price point and cool features that djay pro 2 has, I’d say it definitely stacks up against the competition. If you’re looking for a forward-thinking and user-friendly way to mix and create your DJ sets, djay Pro 2 is a perfect option.”

Find out more about djay Pro 2 on Algoriddim’s website and let us know what you think of this software. We want to hear from you. Leave your comments below!

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