Tips & Tricks - BPM Supreme - June 26, 2017
Build Your DJ Brand Part 1: Logo

Last week we started the discussion about building your brand as a DJ. With a few basic elements including a logo, press photos, biography, press kit and promotional merchandise, you can be on your way to a having a solid brand presence.

We’ll continue the conversation with a closer look at logos and how to create a logo that is as timeless as it is expressive. Your logo is arguably the most important piece of your brand and will act as a face, a nametag, a label and a marketing asset all at once.

It’s easy to forget how important a logo is – and many DJs and musicians are guilty of this. So if you already have a logo or have been busy researching ideas for a logo, you’re already one step ahead!

Why is a logo so important?
A logo is meant to symbolize who you are and what you can offer potential clients. It’s generally the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of you or what you represent. Your logo will appear on everything you’re associated with, including your social media and website, as well as information found on venues’ social media and websites. It will probably be used on a bunch of promotional materials as well, like flyers, posters, merch and even LED or TV screens during your set. In short, your logo is a statement of who you are – and you want it to look good!


Researching and designing your logo
Before deciding on a design for your logo, be sure to research and look at as many options as possible. Make sure the design speaks to the message you want to send, is easy to read and looks clean and simple. A professionally done logo will stand the test of time and become a staple in your branding.

There are a lot of ways to design a logo, and it’s not limited to just your name. It could be a symbol or just letters. Check out these 22 popular DJ logos featured on Design Crowd and notice how they are memorable and seem to convey each artist’s musical style


A timeless investment
Creating a unique and timeless logo might sound easier said than done. If you don’t exactly know your brand yet or what you’d like a logo to portray, you shouldn’t fight the urge to call on professional help. Network and ask friends if they know any design professionals. You’ll be surprised how many full-time graphic designers are willing to take on some side freelance work.

Additionally, there are a number of design sites that will help you automate the logo design process. You can spend anywhere from five dollars to a few hundred. A highly recommended site to start with is 99 Designs. This site allows you to find and work with freelance designers online for an affordable price.

If you feel like your brand is established and you might just need a logo refresh, or you are ready to invest more money into your logo, there is always an option to hire a branding agency. A branding agency will help you find a fundamental brand strategy from top to bottom. Check out Ensemble for logo designs and other resources we have available to take your brand to the next level.


Start using and promote your new logo
Now that you have a brand new, brilliant logo you have to decide where and when to use your logo in order to gain the most exposure. Start with your website and any social accounts on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google Plus, LinkedIn. You should get in the habit of using your logo consistently across these platforms to build your brand presence.

Also, don’t underestimate using your new logo in your mail signature. This is a great place to show your logo to potential and existing clients and contacts, further strengthening your brand. Make sure your signature looks clean and tasteful by including your contact information and logo.

Lastly, a great way to share your logo with the world is to write a short post about it on your social platforms. You could explain the process of doing your homework, working with designers and creating a logo that truly speaks to who you are – how impressive! This not only gives you a chance to share the new artwork, but could also help others in their quest to create the perfect logo. Happy designing!

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