DJ Experience - BPM Supreme - July 23, 2020
BPM Supreme X Crossfader: Making a Creative DJ Mix

Based in the UK, Crossfader is an online DJ school that helps students learn to DJ from the comfort of their own home. With product-specific and software-specific DJ courses available, Crossfader can help you craft your DJ skills no matter your experience level.

In this video, our good friend and founder of Crossfader, Jamie Hartley, takes us through his personal planning process for creating a DJ mix. He demonstrates how using a record pool like BPM Supreme not only helps him to source the music he needs for his DJ sets, but also gives him the inspiration to get more creative with features like original remixes, edits, and more.

“Things that are available (with a record pool) like exclusive edits, bridge edits, scratch tools, intro edits – all of that stuff is really useful and practical for us, whether you’re a working DJ or a performance DJ, or a turntablist,” says Hartley.

Check out the full video above to see why Hartley and the Crossfader team use BPM Supreme as a powerful tool to plan DJ sets. Then stick around to watch Jamie perform his finished mini mix.

Crossfader’s online DJ courses have been designed through years of teaching DJs one-on-one. You can get access to things like beat matching tools and Crossfader scratching loop, and learn from a team made up of dedicated DJs with years of experience in the industry!

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