Producer Experience - BPM Supreme - August 22, 2020
BPM Create Is Now Live With Over 100k Samples

BPM Create is now live! We are excited to announce that the brand new online sample library by BPM Supreme is available and packed with more than 100k fresh sounds and samples. BPM Create empowers producers, DJs, beat makers, and musicians to create their own music with a library spanning thousands of royalty-free musical stems, effects, vocals, drum beats, loops, one-shots, instruments, and MIDI files.

“With the launch of BPM Create, we want to take everything you know about a sample library, and amplify it ten times over. Everything from the quality of the content you’ll find on the platform, to the agility of the search, it all adds up to the most powerful sound platform available,” said Angel “AROCK” Castillo, founder and CEO of BPM Supreme. “We’re excited for all of the incredible music that will come from our community with this innovation.”

BPM Create has sounds and sound packs built both by our in-house team of expert sound designers, as well by our industry-leading label partners. The platform also features a sophisticated, state of the art search functionality that will upgrade and improve the workflow of our members.

Features of the new platform include:

  • 100% Royalty-Free Sounds: Musical stems, effects, vocals, drum beats, loops, one-shots, instruments, and MIDI files.
  • Sound Packs: Collections built by BPM Create and partner labels such as Producer Loops, Vandalism, Trend Loops, YnK Audio, and more.
  • Powerful Advanced Search Functionality: Refine your search with filters like tags, sort by, loops/one-shots, instruments, key, genres, bpm, similar sounds, and more.
  • Tags: All sounds are tagged and organized for optimal user-friendliness. Refine your search with tags that get deeper into the components of sounds like FX, basslines, percussion, and so on.
  • Drives: Organize by project, genre, or however you choose by dragging and dropping sounds to a dedicated Drive.
  • Favorites: Mark a sound or sound pack as a “favorite” to save and quickly refer to later. 
  • Suggestions: Suggested sounds and sound packs based on your “favorites” and previous downloads.
  • Demo: Audio demo available for many packs that give a true representation of the production concepts and how the sounds inside can be used. 
  • Waveform: Waveform representation of sounds allow for quick viewing and auditioning of sounds.
  • MIDI Files: With a MIDI file you can assign your own custom synthesizer sounds, either hardware or software, to playback any melody or chord progression. Look for the MIDI icon to see if a download has a MIDI file available.
  • Download Selection: Select multiple sounds to download all at once.
  • Genres: Search from an ever-expanding list of genres.
  • Instruments: Drums, keys, and strings, as well as vocals, bass, and synth. 
  • Trends: Top trending packs and sounds, determined by downloads. Great for quickly finding fresh inspiration.
  • Free Sounds: Dedicated section for promo packs and free sounds, typically created by BPM Create’s in-house team of sound designers. 
  • Light Mode/Night Mode: Personalize your experience by changing your screen from a bright white background to a sleek black. Perfect for going from day to night, or from working in natural light versus dim studio lighting.

With the launch of BPM Create, our goal is to redefine the way a new generation of music makers discovers and creates their own sound. Subscriptions are available now starting at just $4.99 per month.

To learn more or get started for free, visit bpmsupreme.com/bpm-create.


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