BPM Supreme TV - BPM Supreme - June 28, 2018
Bangers & Beats Episode 3 ft. ADMC & Dylan Wood

BPM Supreme’s exclusive video series, Bangers & Beats, features DJ/drummer routines from our good friends ADMC and Dylan Wood. In Episode 3: Super-Cardi-Fragilistic, the guys perform a unique mashup of SpongeBob, Cardi B, Michael Jackson, Mary Poppins, and more. Watch as they take a few tunes originally intended for kids and switch it up for an adults-only mix.

In their hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ADMC and Wood are not only 4x champions of the Drummer vs. DJ Tournament, but also throw drummer/DJ dance parties regularly. Follow ADMC and Wood on Instagram and stay tuned for more videos like this one coming soon.  

If you missed Episode 1: Party Like a Rockstar and Episode 2: Humble Antidote, check them out now. What do you think of Bangers & Beats? Leave us a comment below.


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