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Ableton Live 11 Coming Soon with Comping, MPE Support, and More

Ableton has announced a new update coming soon to its popular music production software, Live 11. While available only in public beta currently, the full version of Live 11 will be available in early 2021 and adds new user-requested features like comping, MPE support, and new devices built for experimentation. It also lets you do more on stage with live tempo following, Rack improvements, and much more.

Take Recording and Comping

Live organizes multiple passes of an audio or MIDI performance into individual takes. Pick the best moments of each performance and combine them to create your perfect take. Or approach sound design in a new way by splicing together random samples from your library.

Linked-Track Editing

Link two or more tracks to edit their content simultaneously. This makes editing multi-tracked instruments or performances with multiple musicians easy and quick while keeping everything in time across tracks. This feature also works for MIDI tracks.

MPE Support

MPE stands for MIDI Polyphonic Expression. This way of using MIDI allows MPE-capable devices to control multiple parameters of every note in real-time for more expressive instrumental performances. With Live 11, you can plug in your MPE-capable controller and immediately add bends, slides, and pressure for each individual note in a chord. Add subtle expression variations, morph between chords, and create evolving sonic textures.

New Devices

New devices like PitchLoop89 allow you to create jittery glitch effects, delayed digital shimmers, and outlandish vibrato. Other devices include Hybrid Reverb, Spectral Resonator, Spectral Time, and more.

Tempo Following

Live 11 listens to and adjusts its tempo based on incoming audio in real-time, making it a dynamic part of the band instead of the tempo source that everyone has to follow. When you DJ, you can even turn Live into a tempo-synced FX box.

Rack improvements

Configure your Racks to have between 1 and 16 Macros. Randomize the state of your Macros with the randomization button. Map this control to MIDI and perform drastic changes in real-time to surprise your audience and yourself.

To see even more features coming to Live 11 in early 2021, check out the video above or visit Ableton’s website.

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