Company News - BPM Supreme - March 4, 2021
A Mood Improvement: See New Moods Just Added to BPM Supreme & BPM Latino

Our Moods discovery features just got even better on BPM Supreme and BPM Latino. You can now search and find music for your DJ sets and playlists even faster with improved AI-enabled track analysis. Plus, we’ve added new Moods like chilled, epic, romantic, sad, scary, sexy, and ethereal, for a total of 12 distinct moods that provide more accurate search results.

BPM Supreme is the first online music service for DJs worldwide to use this technology by Berlin-based technology company Cyanite. Using AI-enabled track analyzation, Moods discovery features allow DJ to:

  • Search by similar energy levels for DJ sets and playlists;
  • Detect a track’s mood, voice presence, energy level, and energy dynamics;
  • Use AI-enabled recommendations to find more of what you love.

Newly added Moods include:

  • Chilled: Calm, relaxing, chill vibes
  • Epic: Deep, dramatic, booming, powerful
  • Romantic: Gentle, sentimental, warm
  • Sad: Moody, gloomy, in your feelings
  • Scary: Edgy, angsty, tense
  • Sexy: Seductive, sensual, passionate
  • Ethereal: Airy, dreamy, delicate, soft

Plus previously available Moods:

  • Uplifting: Fresh, invigorating, and mood-boosting
  • Energetic: Danceable, lively, and highly-active
  • Dark: Gritty, hard, unpredictable, and emotional
  • Happy: Cheerful, bubbly, and carefree
  • Calm: Easy, smooth, and steady

Moods discovery features are available on BPM Supreme and BPM Latino. To learn more or get started, sign up for a free account.


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