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8 European DJs To Check Out Now

The sound of electronic music is ever-changing. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to a stellar group of European DJs, artists, and producers you should get to know. These eight artists have established a fast-growing presence in Europe and internationally over the last few years, with deep sounds ranging from ambient to techno. We’re focusing on artists who tour or perform regularly or have released music on top labels. Let’s find out more about each of them!

Joachim Spieth

Joachim Spieth is a German producer and international DJ who founded the deep and ambient techno label Affin 14 years ago. Spieth has been making music for more than 20 years, after signing tracks to Kompakt Records, the infamous label of Wolfgang Voigt and Michael Mayer. He remains one of the strongest names in Europe for quality underground techno and ambient music and has toured over 50 countries. Nowadays, the producer works alongside top artists in deep and hypnotic techno and has produced sound libraries for producers and DJs to help them create music.

Blazej Malinowski

Polish producer and Berlin resident Blazej Malinowski began releasing music in 2014. He’s had countless releases that showcase his individual sound, and he has appeared on acclaimed labels such as Affin, The Gods Planet, and Semantica Records. After prolific collaborations with in-demand producers and DJs such as German artist Joachim Spieth, Spanish producer Oscar Mulero, Ukrainian techno artist Svarog, and Italian producer Claudio PRC, Malinowski finally launched his own imprint Inner Tension last year. Active both in Germany and Poland, Malinowski is ever-growing abroad, with forthcoming gigs around the world. 

Edit Select

If one producer/DJ stands out from the crowd with both cutting-edge productions and DJ sets, it’s Glasgow-based Edit Select. Tony Scott, a.k.a. Edit Select, released music as early as 2007, but it is his later releases on Planet Rhythm, Soma Records, Ostgut Ton and Outis Music, the imprint of Dino Sabatini, that propelled Edit Select to broader horizons, alongside collaborations with artists such as Chris Liebling and Speedy J. With a sound that appeals to all types of crowds, Edit Select has already toured in the USA, Australia, and in Japan.

Ina Kacz

Ina Kacz is a French-Polish DJ, resident of the events audiovisual series Art Bei Ton, and is far-expanding and active in Europe from Berlin to Lisbon. As a DJ, Ina Kacz captivates us with deep hypnotic sounds and performances at top Berlin clubs. We surely expect great releases from this artist who is gaining attention rapidly and who just performed alongside techno bosses Answer Code Request to name a few.

Claudio PRC

For those after stunning sounds and who love international DJs capable of charming their crowds, Claudio PRC is the ultimate choice. Having released deep sounds for techno music on labels such as Prologue as early as 2010, Claudio PRC’s forever-evolving music career has kept us hypnotized for a decade. PRC, who was performing at Berghain regularly and released music on the most sought-after labels for techno music (Affin, TGP, Semantica) recently launched his own imprint for music research and productions, 012. A DJ of worldwide attention, Claudio is also a strong music innovator, whose music is becoming a reference as stylish and outstanding by acclaimed producers and upcoming DJs worldwide.

Valentino Mora

Berlin-based artist Valentino Mora was raised by Uruguayan parents who very early introduced him to music. Having released songs as early as 2010 under the name “French Fries,” Mora revamped his project from 2016 upon launching his label Intercontinental Dance Organization. Then collaborations and releases on Dozzy’s Spazio Disponibile in 2018 quickly raised the young artist to international acclaim. This year, Mora played at Dekmantel in Croatia and appeared previously in clubs such as Berghain with the “cream of the crop” producers. With a unique style and genre, Valentino Mora is already on his way to the top.

Pete Owl

Belgium artist Pete Owl, born Pierre Nesi, is a versatile producer and DJ who began releasing music in the early 2010s. His tracks evolve from deep atmospheric layers to more dreamy, lush ambient sounds which gave him the opportunity to sign some of his music to top labels such as Rest and Lowless. As a producer, Owl’s music was later released on Canada’s top label for ambient music with international resonance Silent Season. Owl is also an audiovisual director with singular imagery that alludes subtly to his deep universe. 

Luigi Tozzi

Roma, and Italy in general, introduces various talented producers and DJs who over the last years have significantly contributed to creating a specific type of techno music of worldwide attention. One of these names includes Luigi Tozzi, who in less than a decade developed a unique ethereal sound and played in top clubs (Le Rex in Paris, Vurt in Seoul) and top European festivals such as Parallel. Influenced by the luscious sounds of Dino Sabatini and sound innovator Donato Dozzy, Tozzi developed his own production recipes which gained international recognition, specifically with remixes of tracks by Frankie Knuckles and Moby. The atmospheric yet mysterious album Deep Blue (2016) released on Hypnus Records certainly marked another move in the career of the young producer at the time. As of today, digging into the full discography of Tozzi is ever-exciting. 

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